Finding God in It's A Wonderful Life [Print]

The film classic, ''It's a Wonderful Life'', named the most inspirational American film ever produced, has entertained and inspired millions of viewers since its release in 1946. In fact, many families make watching this story of George Bailey an annual, Christmas tradition.Now pastor and author Greg Asimakoupoulos has taken the movie's message a step further with a new book Finding God in It's a Wonderful Life. The film was not made as a religious piece at all, but, as Greg asserts and proves, we can see God at work in every scene. And he shows us how, in chapters such as ''Broken Banister Knobs'', ''Learning to Dance with Adversity'', ''Reclaiming 320 Sycamore Street'', ''When God Sends an Angel instead of Money'', ''Saving Harry Bailey'',''Suffering When It's Not Your Fault'', and so much more.Each chapter highlights an important movie scene, relationship, or theme and makes a spiritual point. Even those who haven't seen the film will understand the plot as Greg describes it, and people who know the movie so well they can recite the dialogue will find themselves nodding in agreement, appreciating Greg's thoughtful insights. The chapters are concise and written in an engaging style - an easy read. And each one concludes with''Questions for Reflection''. These questions can be helpful for individuals, of course, but will also be ideal for group discussions.

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